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Plan to Attend The Bitcoin 2020 Conference in San Francisco

Bitcoin 2020 Conference, an annual Bitcoin event, is returning to San Francisco this year with a host of attendees including top speakers of the Bitcoin community, companies, and entrepreneurs who are poised to make the event a fun-filled and educative experience.

The conference will be held at San Francisco’s corporate events venue, SVN West. It is a two-day conference, scheduled to hold on March 27 and 28.

Bitcoin 2020 will be mainly focused on how to make one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency reach its full potential by the collective contribution of various individuals in the Bitcoin community.

This event will shed more light on how important this technology is to individuals, corporate entities, and the world in general, especially as the Bitcoin halving is fast approaching.

The Bitcoin 2020 Conference introduces a list of top speakers from different parts of the Bitcoin community, which is made up of a unique group of innovators, entrepreneurs, and technologists. They are all individuals whose line of work is geared towards structuring the future of Bitcoin. As a result, they will be able to offer participants a more rounded understanding of this technology. Their presentations will be delivered with detailed explanations that provide answers to questions that the attendees might have.

Among this host of prominent speakers are Adam Black, the CEO of Blockstream, Ray Youssef, the CEO of Paxful, Amiti Uttarwar, Contributor and Software Engineer, Bitcoin Core, Xapo, and Aaron van Wirdun, Technical editor, Bitcoin Magazine, to mention but a few.

Not only will this event be educative, but it also promises to be full of fun. There are a few entertaining activities that have been lined up for the attendees to enjoy.

There is a lightning-enabled arcade that offers a variety of arcade games which the attendees can play. They will also be able to enjoy the native San Francisco food and music on the street in front of the event venue.

The attendees will also have the privilege of meeting many of their favorite Bitcoin artists and view some of their works in the Bitcoin Art Gallery.

All these and many more are sure to make the Bitcoin 2020 Conference a thrilling experience for all the attendees in addition to reshaping their view of Bitcoin.

This year’s Bitcoin Conference promises to be bigger and better than the previous with a whole lot more to take home after it is over.

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Location: SVN West, San Francisco

Date: March 27-28, 2020

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