BitCashPay’s Decentralized Liquidity Contribution (DLC): The FIRST in the DEFI World

BitCashPay is the first to offer a Decentralized Liquidity Contribution event. As mentioned in the previous article, a DLC event aims to solve problems a common public funding has to offer. When projects are prone to “rug pulls” and shady activities, the investors are mainly at risk and the money they invested that comes with it.

A DLC event secures “contributors” that their contributions are not directly sent to the team’s pocket and thus reduces the risk of running away with it. A staggering 95% of the contributions in the DLC event will be sent directly to Uniswap liquidity pool via smart contract.

By doing this, it already secures two things: contributors funds and liquidity problems. As audited by Solidity.Finance, (see results here), only 5% of the contributions will be received by the team for future development allocations. The best part is that the liquidity provided by the contributors will be OWNERLESS! Yes, no one will own the liquidity since the team has no control over it.

In total, a potential of 20,000 ETH and another 300M BCP tokens will be locked forever with no way to be touched, even by the developers or the team themselves. In today’s writing, that’s a massive $52 Million Volume just by the ownerless liquidity itself. This means that anyone can freely buy and sell, trade their tokens with less risk of fluctuations in value. It would also mean that DLC contributors still have time to stake their tokens and earn more rewards in the future.

The 5% staking reward

BCP team has decided to rev things up for the benefit of the community. Taking the rewards from their own team accounts, we will be giving away 5% rewards to all DLC contributors.

At the start of their Ethereum contributions on the website, they are already entitled to a 5% monthly staking rewards, withdrawable after the DLC event. It literally means that a contributor who contributed as early as January may have up to 15% more tokens of his reserved BCP from this staking reward and a contributor who contributed at the last day of the DLC event will not have an extra 5% monthly staking rewards.

Someone who contributes next month will still have a total of 10% staking rewards for his 2 months participation in automatic staking. This automatic 5% will take effect as soon as you press “Contribute Now” on the website. Quite the advantage for the early bird! Reserve your Bitcashpay BCP Tokens Now and start earning!

BITCASHPAY $BCP Fundamentals

Using our $BCP token users will be having these benefits:

  1.     Cross-border remittances and payment options incentives via token purchases.
  2.     Staking and Liquidity Providing rewards.
  3.     Discounts through token purchases of cellular phone loads, fast food products, and car fuels.
  4.     Real-Time Transaction Balance and History.
  5.     Discount in Bitcashpay’s crypto academy using BCP token.
  6.     Loan access from BCP Crypto Bank through BCP Token.
  7.       Access Anytime, Anywhere. Mobile Accessible and get instant notification with BitCashPay App wherever you go and whatever the time is.
  8.       Zero Fees on P2P transfers within Bitcashpay platform and app.

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