Birmingham City University Taps Blockchain to Create First COVID-19 Digital Safety Certificate

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With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic ravaging several nations, most industries, including the education sector, are doing everything to mitigate further spread of the virus. 

The latest institution to come up with measures that would contain the novel Coronavirus is Birmingham City University (BCU). The UK-based tertiary institution revealed that it is developing a blockchain-based digital safety certificate to protect suppliers and consumers from getting infected with the virus. 

BCU made the announcement today that its Business School arm is currently developing its digital certificate dubbed Coronavirus Clearance Certificate (CCC), the world’s first COVID-19 digital safety certificate. 

As per the report, the initiative would be the first development to stem from the newly established CCEG-BCU 4IR Centre, which was established as a result of a partnership between the BCU and the non-profit Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise, and Governance (CCEG).

The CCC would be issued by the Transnational Transparent Procurement (TTP) Foundation, a partner-organization of CCEG, with its trial version, tipped to be first rolled out in cities within UK that are severely affected with COVID-19, especially in the UK Midlands.

Reigniting supply chain trust

Notably, the CCC initiative would help firms in these cities to identify and manage high-profile risk believed to be associated with the novel virus, including goods, suppliers, and employees within a firm’s supply chain. 

Visiting Professor of Blockchain at Birmingham City University, Olinga Taeed stated that consumers are trying to eliminate the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 from their purchases, and as such, are looking for trusted suppliers to guaranty their safety.  

Taeed added that the CCC would help re-establish the trust consumers have in suppliers as it uses the blockchain technology to track the life cycle of products transparently.

Commenting on the initiative, Professor Nassim Belbaly, director of Birmingham City Business School, reaffirms Taeed’s position about the negative effect of the Coronavirus on the existing trust between consumers and suppliers. 

However, as CCC is independently verified, it can be issued to organizations, products, and even people that take appropriate steps to manage risks from coronavirus,” Belbaly said. 

Crypto against COVID-19

Meanwhile, as most institutions are working toward combating the pandemic, the cryptocurrency space is also making significant efforts to eradicate the virus. 

Last month, popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance announced a $5 million funding project in various cryptocurrencies, to help provide medical and relief supplies for countries ravaged by the novel virus. 

Similarly, BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange and derivatives trading platform, made a donation of $2.5 million to the Gates foundation Philanthropy partners and three other non-profits organizations, as part of its efforts in the global fight against the Coronavirus. 

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