Binance Smart Chain Top Ethereum By 8x : New BEP-20 Coin Usage Surges From CryptoBlades

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project is celebrating a golden achievement, similar to the Olympians in Tokyo. Why?  If there were a Crypto-Olympics for the most used blockchain last week, BNB would have won 1st place, a Gold medal.    

Binance Smart-Chain topped the daily transaction volume of long-standing front-runner Ethereum (ETH).   And it wasn’t by a small amount.  BSC topped the Ethereum Blockchain by more than 8x on July 31st.   While the total daily transactions on Ethereum struggled to beat the 1.4 million mark, the peak for Binance Smart Chain was 13.1 million on July 29.

New BEP20 Crypto Projects

Many eyes are glued to its projected growth,  as there are new prized tokens that could be explosive.  Among the list includes the new BEP20 cryptocurrency $STTN, which will have its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on August 14th via, which could rocket sharply.

SafeTitan, which has been dubbed The China Coin, could pile on a large number of transactions onto the Binance Blockchain by the 4th quarter of 2021.    A meme cryptocurrency moon shot similar to DOGE, SafeMoon, or Mina. At the moment, however, Binance is celebrating the current transaction volume in GameFi.

“#BinanceSmartChain handled 10M+ transactions yesterday. #Ethereum handled 1.2M,” tweeted Binance

 CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao.

Zhao is boasting about the blockchain because many have speculated Ethereum could not be outdone.   According to the CEO, however, BSC is only giving a taste of the potential.

Will We See 20-Million Transactions on BSC?

When questioned via Twitter if Binance Smart-chain could handle 20-million transactions daily, CZ’s response was pure confidence.

 “Not an expert. But I think we will find out soon enough.”

And numbers should dramatically increase if tokens, like SafeTitan, have projected impacts on the BEP20 cryptocurrency culture.

BNB Dominates GameFi: CryptoBlades

The current growth, however, is centered around GameFi.  A new game called CryptoBlades is at the forefront as it has accrued over 600,000 registered players.  And it’s likely to top 1-million soon. Users of games like CryptoBlades buy BNB tokens on Binance to swap on smart-chain exchanges.  On a DEX like Pancake Swap, users find and purchase the BEP20  crypto-coins for GameFi play.

Once secured in the player’s digital wallet, they then use the BEP20 coins to buy characters and in-game tools.  The tools may be anything from guns and other weapons, to clothing or food.

With BNB-paired coins being used by many new cryptocurrencies for in-game purchases, the effects on the Binance coin have been tremendous.  BEP-20 tokens are paired with BNB, which essentially means you cannot play the game to its maximum capacity without Binance Blockchain and Smart-chain extensions.

The gaming industry is currently valued at over $100-billion.   If Binance continues to grasp strongholds across this sector, this could push the token’s daily transactions to astounding new records.

More importantly, however, this means there’s a generation of youthful people accustomed to using Binance tokens and their derivatives.  In layman’s terms, this could give the BNB token an even more cemented future. And beyond GameFi, if SafeTitan ($STTN) creates a solid brand in DeFi loans, it will make BSC even more successful.

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