Binance Helps Web3 Project Injustice Samurai Recover Stolen Funds

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Web3 project Injustice Samurai on Friday lauded the role of leading crypto exchange Binance in its fund recovery from scammers. According to the event narrated in a tweet by the project, Binance froze the scammer’s account and helped recover an unmentioned amount of money from them.

The Ethereum-based Web3 gaming project stated that it reached an agreement with a team that promised to market its brand. According to the report, Injustice Samurai paid the team upfront with the expectation that they would fulfill their end of the bargain.

The marketers, however, stunned the Web3 project, as they continually postponed rendering their services and eventually blocked possible contact lines between the two parties.

Binance’s Swift Response

As contained in the tweet, Injustice Samurai reported the incident to Binance, submitting evidence of the transaction between the two parties to the exchange. Among the submitted documents is proof that the scammers used Binance to siphon the cash.

As stated, Binance froze the fraudster’s account with the backing of sufficient proof it got from Injustice Samurai. The Web3 project noted that the scammers were forced to return the money to them because of their frozen wallets on Binance.

Crypto Twitter Reacts

In response to the tweet, Binance said the news excited the exchange. The company stated that “users are at the forefront of Binance,” and it is always willing to help them when necessary.

Another Twitter user lauded the efforts of Binance in averting the intended scam, stating that it was the reason the exchange is “the best at dealing with cryptocurrency.”

Binance has made similar moves in the past, helping several firms recover stolen funds moved through the exchange. It aided the Norwegian police in recovering $6 million from the Ronin heist, helped South Korea freeze Terraform Labs CEO Do Kwon’s crypto assets, and also collaborated with Huobi to regain $2.4 million in Bitcoin from Harmony hackers.

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