Binance Allow Deposits and Withdrawals For Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

Binance DEX

Top crypto exchange service provider, Binance has revealed in a short announcement that it is opening withdrawal and deposits for Bitcoin Diamond (BCD).

Binance participated in the hard fork by distributing Bitcoin Diamond balances but did not allow new deposits or withdrawals. This resulted in limited availability of BCD for trading on Binance and allowed trading only for the amount of BTC held by the exchange.


The lid has been lifted and users can now trade the hard fork coin on Binance freely. The inflation of BCD prices noticed across niche exchanges after the Binance lockdown is expected to return to normal. This activity is already taking place as the graph below reveals.

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Top Traded Exchanges

Aside from Binance, the bulk of BCD trading is concentrated on Gate.IO. There is also strong activity on Hong Kong-based OKEx.

According to data from CMC, trading figures for Bitcoin Diamond in the past 24 hours stood at $46,198,147. Within the same period, OKEx has $16,507,096 trading figures while Binance boasts $15,395,558.

What are your thoughts on this development? Will it lead to a rise in the value of Bitcoin Diamond?

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