Best Low-Supply Crypto Coins to Buy in 2022

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Buying low-supply coins has become one of the major factors considered by investors when choosing a coin to buy. One major advantage of buying the low supply coins is that it is very easy for its price to appreciate with any new capital put into it. This is quite unlike the large-supply coins that would require a lot more capital to grow in price.

This work has therefore examined how to buy low-supply coins like YFI coins. You will also learn from this work how to buy low-supply coins and the best crypto exchange for you to do so today. 

Meaning of low-supply coin

Low-supply coins are those coins that have a limited amount of their existence. Often its total supply and maximum supply are usually in millions or even less than 100 million. The best low-supply coins today are less than a million in their maximum supply. 

Factors considered while choosing a low-supply

There are three major factors to be considered when choosing a low-supply coin. We have discussed them below:

  • Total Supply: The total supply of any coin is the overall amount of the coin produced. This is obtained by adding both the circulating amount and the reserved or locked-up quantity. Low-supply coins are known to have low quantities of not more than a few million count as their total supply.¬†
  • Maximum supply: The maximum supply of a coin refers to the total amount of the coin that can ever be produced and impossible to go beyond it in the future. Having a maximum supply is a very important feature of low-supply coins as it assures investors that larger quantities cannot be produced in the future which could result in deflation. The maximum supply of low-supply coins is usually in millions or less.¬†
  • Circulating supply: The circulating supply of a given coin refers to the total amount of the coin in circulation. This excludes the locked up and those that could be mined in the future especially if the coin uses the Proof-of-work mechanisms.¬†

Why do investors prefer the low-supply coins

Buying the low-supply coins seems to be the investors’ favorite today. The major reason why investors are attracted to the low-supply coins is that it is very easy for their prices to appreciate with little capital put into the project in the future. This is quite different from other high-supply coins that would require more capital for the prices to appreciate.¬†

List of the best twelve low-supply coins to buy today

Low-supply coin  Total Supply  Circulating Supply  Maximum Supply 
Yearn. Finance (YFI) 36, 666 36, 637 36, 666
Bitcoin (BTC) 19, 190,606 19, 190,606 21, 000, 000
Compound (COMP) 10, 000, 000 7, 267, 151 10, 000, 000
Harvest Finance (FARM) 700, 442 681, 174 690, 420
Binance Coin (BNB) 159, 979, 963 159, 979, 526 200, 000, 000
DFI. money (YFII) 39,375 38, 596 39,375
Bitcoin Standard Rate (BTCST) 15, 000, 000 12, 201, 403 15, 000, 000
Wing (WING) 3, 427, 418 2, 916, 149 5, 000, 000
Burger (BURGER) 63, 000, 000 27, 624, 999 63, 000, 000
Prometeus (PROM) 19, 250, 000  16, 450, 000 No Maximum supply 

List of Best Ten Crypto Exchanges to buy the low-supply coins 

  • eToro
  • Binance¬†
  • Bitstamp¬†
  • Kucoin¬†
  • Coinbase¬†
  • Huobi Global¬†¬†
  • Kraken¬†
  • Bitfinex
  • Kraken

Advantages of buying the low-supply coins

  • It has greater chances for price growth with small capital addition
  • Difficult to manipulate
  • Usually the investors’ favorite and attracts large investment.

Disadvantages of buying the low-supply coins 

  • The cost per could be high
  • There is no guarantee of profits
  • Price is usually very volatile¬†

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