The Best Crypto Gaming Coin to Buy Now in 2022 — MetaBlaze Lines Up Gaming Metaverse with Play to Earn Bitcoin, ETH, Solana, BNB & More

Projected to be the next best cryptocurrency, MetaBlaze is slated to launch its $MBLZ token this upcoming November. $MBLZ is the native cryptocurrency to MetaBlaze’s Gaming Metaverse.

A play-to-earn ecosystem of interconnected NFT games that follow a mind-bending narrative, that all begins in Galaxia Blue – a distant and mysterious place marked with heroism, villainy, adventure, technology, war, love, humor, violence, kindness, and most importantly, Hope.

GameFi, an epic pairing of Gaming and Finance, is fast gaining ground in today’s gaming and cryptocurrency world, solidifying its place as the next trend in gaming. It is a system where game players earn crypto coins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) just by playing games. These crypto coins and NFTs earned can be traded for real money, making it one of the hottest topics in Web 3, with its popularity becoming widespread.

According to DappRadar, user activity on Play-to-Earn platforms has jumped by 2000% year-over-year, and more GameFi projects are being worked on by the day. This attracts the attention of investors because of the massive amount of return on investment (ROI) involved. In Q1 of 2022 alone, usage and investments in blockchain gaming accounted for 52% of all blockchain activity.

Thus, investors are always looking for which crypto gaming coin to invest in. However, one of the best crypto gaming coins to invest in right now is the MetaBlaze (MBLZ) token, and here is why.

The MetaBlaze (MBLZ) token

The MetaBlaze (MBLZ) token is the core currency of the MetaBlaze metaverse ecosystem. MetaBlaze is a Web 3 gaming platform launching a series of NFT-driven strategy games. From MetaBlaze’s inaugural mini-game MetaMinez to the AAA 3D RPG project set to be launched soon, the MetaBlaze (MBLZ) token is the native currency to be used within this play to earn crypto economy.

The GameFi market cap is one whose ROI will continue to increase yearly. As the MetaBlaze ecosystem expands, the value of its MBLZ token will follow suit. Therefore, with the current expansion of the MetaBlaze ecosystem with the launch of the AAA 3D RPG, everyone holding MetaBlaze NFT collections and the MetaBlaze (MBLZ) token can expect increasing utilities, bringing even more value to the token. 

Players are also not left out as MetaBlaze is building Web 3’s first GameFi platform where users can play to earn top crypto coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance coin (BNB) among others.

The MetaBlaze token is full of potential and, thus, the best crypto gaming coin to buy right now. Let’s take a quick look at MetaBlaze’s mini-game and the different NFT collections available.

MetaBlaze’s Mini-Game — MetaMinez

MetaBlaze’s mini-game “MetaMinez” and every other game within its ecosystem are all interconnected, based on the story of the people of Galaxia Blue. Nuclear warfare caused catastrophic explosions, destroying home planets to a multitude of cybernetic species. Planet Glozark, home to the MetaGoblins, suffered devastating destruction of its most essential resource: Terranzinite, a highly radio-active Blue Crystal. 


However, the MetaGoblins discover a celestial object deep in the metaverse, and it’s loaded with Terranzinite Crystal. MetaGoblins were then tasked with excavating the crystals and bringing them back home. However, when the MetaGoblins got to the SES blue moon, they soon discovered they were not alone. There were others: the MetaRoyals.

In Metaminez, players deploy NFT characters to mine Terranzinite crystals. The type of character deployed by a player and the number of Mining Rigs deployed with it determines how successful the player is – a game of strategy.

MetaBlaze has three types of NFT characters, each with its peculiarity.

  1. MetaRoyals
  2. MetaGoblins
  3. Goblins

1. The MetaRoyals: These are MetaBlaze’s rarest and most valuable NFT collections. The NFT art features in-game characters set to take center stage in P2E games and play a central role in compelling and hyper-engaging storytelling. The collection features a limited supply of 200 NFTs boasting 3D characters and unique accessories. Each NFT has its own backstory written within their meta-data.

The NFTs unlock forever-royalties for a small group of 200 MetaRoyal NFT owners. Owners will receive a 10% portion of royalties, based upon secondary sales of all MetaBlaze NFTs to follow. As an investor looking to invest in GameFi or NFTs, this is an NFT collection you would like to check out, although the NFT presale has reached its cap and the NFTs have since sold out, also scheduled for the official NFT mint on October 15th. Since the collection is sold out in the NFT presale, the only way to acquire a MetaRoyal NFT would be through secondary NFT market sales.

2. The MetaGoblins: Another NFT collection deeply integrated with MetaBlaze’s ecosystem and packed with utilities. Do you see the pattern here? MetaBlaze is bringing increasing utilities to its NFT collections with true substance behind digital NFT art. 

The NFT art is nothing short of exquisite, with realistic details and 3D attributes. MetaBlaze NFT artists propelled traditional fantasy-themed goblins deep into the Metaverse with refreshed looks seen through a new lens.


MetaGoblin NFTs come to life in four levels of rarity. Each rarity level brings various perks to holders, ranging from free NFT mints, IRL event access, exclusive content, and more. The collection also contains 3 hyper-exclusive NFTs, known as the 3 Kings and they unlock especially rare rewards; immediately claimable Bitcoin (BTC) rewards.

Goblins Main

The NFT Mint is set to take place on October 15th on OpenSea NFT Marketplace. The MetaGoblin NFT distribution is completely randomized – and here’s where it gets interesting. The recipient of the Legendary King MetaGoblin NFT unlocks a $50,000 reward paid in $BTC.

The recipient of the King of Epic MetaGoblin NFT unlocks a $25,000 reward earned in $BTC. Last, but not least, $10,000 is earned by the recipient of the Mystical King MetaGoblin NFT. The rewards referenced above are immediately claimable according to the MetaBlaze team. 

3. Goblins: Goblins are more of an ecosystem-specific NFT. They do not provide an array of holder perks, in addition to game access, such as MetaGoblins or MetaRoyals. The Goblin NFTs are simple, low-cost NFTs simply enabling game players to have access to NFTs to be used within the game. MetaBlaze was thoughtful in its design to bring a balanced game, creating equal opportunities for players to win.

The P2E element of MetaBlaze brings a world of in-game utility to the NFT collection. During Metaminez gameplay, a player will be required to deploy NFT characters into the mine. The type of MetaGoblin deployed will determine your bonus point and thus determine your total mining power. Your total mining power will, in turn, determine how many Terranzinite Crystals you will be able to mine and your rewards after the gameplay. Within MetaMinez, participants can play to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Solana, and more. An attractive incentive for all Web3 gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

Times have changed, and the world of gaming has advanced. Gone are the days when acquired in-game assets were of no value to the physical world. In GameFi, acquired in-game assets such as the Terranzinite Crystals earned can be traded and converted to real money.

Something to Watch Out For —The METABLAZE’S AAA 3D RPG

In line with expanding the ecosystem and making a mark in the GameFi world, MetaBlaze is set to launch its AAA 3D role-playing game (RPG) in 2022. Launching this game will further increase the value of the MetaBlaze (MBLZ), making it one of the best crypto gaming coins to buy.

As earlier stated, all games in MetaBlaze’s ecosystem will be based on the story of the people of Galaxia Blue. A culmination of stories and mini NFT games converges into one epic role-playing game where players carry out tasks and fight to establish themselves as a force in Galaxia Blue.

More will be released about the much-anticipated p2e game. To be abreast of events, follow MetaBlaze’s Twitter handle and join the Telegram community. There is no better time to invest in a crypto gaming coin than during its final presale round. Having raised over $3.2M from more than 2,000 investors, this presents the final opportunity to buy MetaBlaze tokens before its public listing this upcoming November.

Presale participants are rewarded with a 5% $MBLZ bonus per transaction, and in addition, MetaGoblin NFTs are issued as an additional bonus when acquiring $2,500 or more in $MBLZ tokens. To learn more about MetaBlaze or to Buy MetaBlaze Tokens, visit the MetaBlaze website:

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