The Best Alpine Crypto Price Prediction For 2022 and Beyond

Alpine Crypto Price Prediction

Alpine is one of the top trending crypto assets, causing investors to search for reliable Alpine crypto price predictions. Although past performance does not guarantee future returns, this article provides some Alpine coin prediction.

First, though, it would be good to understand that crypto adoption is in top gear.  Different sectors are adopting blockchain and cryptocurrencies for the diverse use cases it offers. For instance, while some blockchain-based tokens are used for privacy, others are used to represent the stocks of a company.

Another function of blockchain-based assets that has been on the rise lately is Fan Tokens. Many sport teams including football clubs like Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester United and Paris Saint German have fan tokens. Joining the list of sports that have fan tokens is Formula 1 racing team – BWT Alpine.

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) Overview
  • Alpine Crypto Price Predictions for 2022 and Beyond
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Alpine F1 Tokens

Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) Overview

Alpine Fan Token is the brainchild of Guillaume Vergnas, Achille Dulac, Angela Liu, and Matthias Moulin. The coin is a BEP-20 utility token designed to empower BWT Alpine F1 team fans to participate in team voting polls, hunt digital collectibles, purchase NFTs, and enjoy gamification features that are tied to fan rewards or great experiences.

The digital asset was created to reshape the relationship between the Alpine F1 team and their fans by providing blockchain-powered one-stop engagement and governance solutions leveraging the Binance Fan Token Platform. This it aims to achieve by helping fans engage and grow with the team.

Alpine Token Distribution

The asset has a total supply of 40,000,000.

At the time of writing, the Alpine token has a circulating supply of 11,360,000.

However, the question of how ALPINE token will be distributed.

  • The Alpine Racing Team will receive 7,200,000 (18%) units which adds up to more 18% of the total supply.
  • 4 million (10%) of the entire supply is dedicated to the Binance Launchpad pre-sales. 15% (6 million) of the total supply is allocated to loyalty subscriptions.
  • The developers of the have decided to retain 22% (8.8 million) of the complete supply. This fraction will be used to provide liquidity for the market.
  • The team behind the token allocated 18 million of the entire supply to user funds. With 25% of the total supply in circulation, the developers purposed that a fraction of the allocated units will be released every twelve months until the total supply is achieved. The gradual release is set to go on until September 2026.

Since the Alpine coin became a tradable asset, it is yet to achieve all of its purpose. The project team said that it will achieve its full potential during the second quarter of 2022. Let’s examine the roadmap to the asset’s perfection.

Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE) Roadmap

During the first quarter of 2022, the token is said to have done the following:

  • Helping Fans Vote
  • Fans can purchase the NFT Mystery box using the token
  • Fans can buy NFT Collection using Alpine
  • Loyalty Subscription
  • Gift Card

The second-quarter will see the token be used:

  • Aid in Donations
  • Team Games
  • Allow fans to purchase tickets and merchandise from Fan Shop Launch
  • Integrate Fan Tokens into the BWT Alpine F1 Team ecosystem

Alpine Coin Price Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

The token sale kicked off with prices at $1. Following its introduction to the market, the digital currency surged to a high of $14 as it piqued investors’ interest. However, the surge to the current all-time high was short-lived as massive sellers’ congestion resulted from most traders taking profit.

ALPINE is currently on its third day of consecutive retracement. The token’s recent performance has led many to seek out reliable Alpine coin price predictions. Remember that the asset under consideration is one of the youngest cryptocurrencies in the market as at the time of writing.

Due to the above statement, it may be hard to come up with a comprehensive outlook, using the ALPINE/USD pair chart. However, we can project the coin’s next movement using other Fan-Based Tokens (FBT).

A closer look at most FBTs price patterns, we noticed that they have almost the same trajectory. For example, the Paris Saint Germain token ($PSG) was corrected three weeks after its introduction to the market. The same can be said of the Manchester City token ($CITY) and Barcelona token ($BAR).

Following this same trend, ALPINE may experience a series of dips over the next 21 days. This will be followed by an extended period of consolidation. How long will the price consolidation last? This is a question only time will answer as there is no clear pattern to the timeframe.

We observed that while $PSG had considerably shorter periods compared to other F, it may not be ideal to compare it with the asset under consideration as fan base plays a huge role in the volatility of this set of cryptocurrency. However, we note that the Paris football club token recorded a high in 2021 that was 1000% more than its opening price.

While we may not expect the same from ALPINE, nonetheless, as market conditions improve, the token’s value may surge by more than 500% before the end of 2022.

Fan tokens have been around for a long time with $PSG being one of the oldest. Unfortunately, the oldest fan base token is no more than two years old. However, with the growth of the crypto industry in view, we may expect a minimum of 50% increase per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Alpine F1 Tokens

Is Alpine Coin the Same as Alpine F1 Team Fan Token?

In this article, we used both “coin” and “token” to discuss the $ALPINE asset under consideration. However, coins and tokens have distinct meanings in the crypto space. Learn the difference between coins and tokens.

Where Can I Buy Alpine Coin?

The token was launched as a result of a partnership with Binance Smart Chain which makes it a BEP-20 token. You can purchase it using PancakeSwap or Binance.

Who are the top Alpine Coin Competitors?

ALPINE’s major competitors include other Formula 1-based fan tokens such as Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo. Other fan base tokens include Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain coins.


This article discussed the Alpine F1 Team Fan Token, which some investors simply call Alpine Crypto. We also speculated that the asset may see some price hikes in 2022 but reached this conclusion by comparing it to another coin.

The write-up concluded by answering frequently asked questions about Alpine fan tokens, including where to purchase the asset. These Alpine crypto price predictions should not be perceived as financial advice. Every trader and investor must do their own research before purchasing the reviewed asset.

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