Baidu Has Restricted Digital Currency Discussion on Its Online Forum


In line with the Chinese Government’s move to suppress cryptocurrency in the country, Chinese search engine, Baidu, has now banned all cryptocurrency-related discussion on its online forum, Baidu tieba.

According to China Times, the company is carrying out its plan to restrict any discussion that is related to cryptocurrency. This move is associated with the Chinese Government regulations concerning cryptocurrency in the country.

“Currently, the company has toughened its scrutiny over digital currency and will not allow sub-forums under this theme, based on relevant rules and regulations,” part of the report read.

Baidu online forum, Baidu tieba, was launched in 2003, and the company claims to have close to 300 million monthly active users on the platform.

The social media-like forum helps cryptocurrency investors, and marketers gain actual knowledge about digital currency and advertise various digital tokens respectively.

Even though crypto marketers use different gimmicks like – “get one miner free with registration” and “free airdrops” to lure new investors to acquire their virtual currency, the forum has helped educate many crypto investors on the pros and cons of acquiring a particular digital currency.

A quick search on Baidu tieba with “Virtual currency,” and “Digital currency” as terms, would give an error message. The error says that “the forum is unavailable due to relevant laws, and regulations.”

However, at the time of writing this report, other top cryptocurrency discussions still exist on the forum like- Bitcoin bar, Biquain bar, huobi bar, etc.  

More Platforms Ban Crypto-related activities in China

It was reported last week that immediately after the Chinese government made its declaration about cryptocurrency, Wechat Pay, and Alipay made plans to block crypto payment on its platform.

In the same report, Tencent, the parent company of WeChat Pay, said it has come up with three primary measures to regulate any “problematic” platforms related to ICOs, and cryptocurrencies.

In the same vein, the People’s Bank of China and the Banking Regulatory Commission have issued out a warning to digital currency promoters, and investors to desist from advertising and trading any virtual currency.

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