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Back In Business: Hacked Crypto Exchange Coincheck Returns To Boost XEM Prices

Infamously hacked cryptocurrency exchange, Coincheck, resumed activities towards the end of last month but has today added support for ETH, XEM, and LSK according to an official announcement.

Coincheck users can now buy and sell these altcoins in addition to BTC, ETC, LTC, and BCH which were restored to the platform. Adding support for XEM is significant because it was allegedly 523 million XEM tokens that were stolen from Coincheck during the infamous hack.

Right now, Coincheck is trying to get things up and running once again and have allowed registration for Japanese residents.

Additionally, the exchange mentioned in the announcement that they are currently working to resume some activities that were stopped on the exchange. Among other things, this includes support for XRP and affiliate marketing services.

Coincheck also hopes to minimize security risks by joining the Japan Network Security Association (JNSA) and enrolling into the agency as a non-profit corporation.

XEM Value Up By Over 17%

Understandably, a big news about one of Japan’s largest crypto exchanges restoring support for XEM would be expected to bring about equivalent results on the daily trading charts. This is what has happened with a pump in the value of XEM noticed just before the official announcement.

XEM daily chart

XEM daily chart by tradingview

The bullish trend has continued in the lead up to press time with XEM now valued at $0.1091 (17.27%+). Market cap for the altcoin is now approaching the $1 billion thresholds with a press time value of $981,702,461.

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