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Australian State to Use Blockchain Technology In Driver License Registration

More countries are beginning to realize the potentials of Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) and how it can be used to solve many problems including data insecurity.

The government of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, is planning to adopt the blockchain technology for the automation of Driver’s license registration, and a trail has been scheduled for November.

According to reports made on the NSW official website, the government said it would conduct the trial registration of driver license for 140,000 license holders across Sydney’s Eastern Beaches in November. This covers motorists in Bondi, Bondi Junction, Bronte, Clovelly, Coogee, Randwick, and Waverley.

Secure Logic, an Australian IT firm, will be the technological partner of the project. The official report also explained that the blockchain dubbed “TrustGrid” is not limited to the registration of driver’s license.  The health sector can also adopt it for birth and death registration and safekeeping of medical records. Also, financial institutions can utilize the DLT to create private consortium and trust entities.

Benefits of the Digitization of Public Services

The objective of the project is to use a distributed network to authenticate and store driver license data so that users can present their digital credentials through a platform that will be made available on a mobile application.

This would ensure that motorists will not have to carry their physical licenses to prove their ages and identities when required by police or entering pubs and clubs.

CEO of Secure logic, Santosh Devaraj, said that the adoption of DLT in the registration of Driver’s license is just a tip of more to come in regards to the transformation of public service in the region, and it will change how the masses interact with the Government.

“The era of standing in line to file government paperwork is coming to an end, as is our reliance on physical identification cards to establish your identity or proof of age with law enforcement or at licensed venues,” Devaraj said.  

How To Enroll For NSW Driver License Blockchain Trial

The process of the trial will require interested participants to visit the official NSW website to create an account, which involves adding their NSW driver license details. The app will allow participants to view, update, manage, and renew their license online.

Participants will be able to use their digital driver’s license in the Eastern Beaches region, but will still need to carry their physical license during the period of the trial.

Blockchain technology has once again shown a lot of promise for the future, and more countries around the world may now begin to consider its adoption within the public service sectors.

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