Mainstream! English Soccer Side Arsenal to Launch $AFC Fan Token On Socios

A new partnership between blockchain-based entertainment company Chiliz and the English soccer side, Arsenal Football Club, will potentially onboard millions of fans into the growing crypto ecosystem. The partners have announced the impending launch of the Arsenal Fan Token ($AFC) on

Like most of its other partnerships, Socios will allow Arsenal fans to put their football knowledge to the test with fellow fans across the globe in terms of football quizzes, competitions on global leaderboards, and club-related games while earning real-life and digital club-related benefits.

All holders of the $AFC Fan Token will participate in making decisions for the club in a series of interactive polls during football season. Upon its initial distribution, all existing and newly registered club members will be able to claim new tokens for a limited time on the app.

Speaking on the news and attracting rewards, Chiliz and CEO Alexandre Dreyfus stated that $AFC Fan Token will grant Arsenal fans what he called a ‘once in a lifetime reward and experience to connect with a global community of supporters.’ he added:

Knowing that when you celebrate a goal, a thousand, and in Arsenal’s case, millions of Gooners all around the world, are jumping and celebrating, doing exactly the same thing you are doing. There’s a global community of Arsenal fans united by their shared passion for their club.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s partnership adds to the growing list of sports enterprises launching fan tokens on the Socios platform. Manchester City, Juventus, Barcelona FC, Paris St. Germain, and the Argentine and Portuguese national soccer teams have all launched fan tokens on

Recently, Spanish football club Valencia CF launched the $VCF Fan Token and even announced it will wear the token’s brand on its soccer outfit for the new season.

On, users are required to purchase new fan tokens using Chiliz (CHZ), the native token for the platform. CHZ trades at a $0.22 price at the time of writing, suffering a 7% decline, similar to the rest of the crypto market on the day.