Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Predicts $100k BTC

Steve Wozniak recently said he feels that Bitcoin price will reach the $100,000 mark someday. The Apple co-founder, popularly called “The Woz” made his comment on the podcast “Steve-O Wild Ride,” posted last week.

Explaining his reason for investing in Bitcoin, Wozniak said that he bought BTC to experiment with buying things online. In addition to buying items in other countries, locating and making use of a Bitcoin ATM.

Wozniak, however, got scared when its price skyrocketed and had to sell all his bitcoins except one. He reiterated that he only bought it for play and experimentation and not to generate wealth.

Surging Interest to Drive BTC to $100k

Wozniak went on to predict a $100,000 BTC price, opining that surging interest in cryptocurrencies will make it happen.

“Just recently, I think Bitcoin is going to go to $100,000. I don’t know where I get that feeling. I can’t put any mathematics to it. I just really feel it based on all the interest,” Wozniak said.

Furthermore, he pointed out that he is not an investor and has never invested in any stock including Apple Stock.  His reason is that their price fluctuations are worrisome.

“I found that my head gets to a peaceful spot where it’s not worrying about everything being up and down, up and down, up and down like day traders,” he said.

He also discussed the government and regulators’ concern for Bitcoin mining energy usage and environmental impact. According to Wozniak, “it costs an amount of energy for what anything is worth.”

The computer scientist has made several other bold statements about Bitcoin in the past. Last July, he noted that the digital asset is a mathematical miracle with lots of potentials and that it’s far better than gold.

His partner, Tim Cook, who is the CEO of Apple, also revealed he has been studying crypto and that it is reasonable to own it.

Meanwhile, notable individuals continue to show interest in crypto and add more of it to their portfolios. Just recently, Canadian businessman and television presenter, Kevin O’Leary said that 20% of his wealth is tied up in crypto assets.

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