Apple CEO Tim Cook Confirms He Owns Crypto, Says it’s Reasonable

Apple CEO and businessman Tim Cook today at the DealBook conference confirmed that he owns cryptocurrency.

Cook made this revelation in response to a question during an interview when he was asked if he owns cryptocurrency.

He said:

“I do. I think it’s reasonable to own it as part of a diversified portfolio… I’m not giving anyone investment advice by the way.”

The businessman noted that he had picked interest in the asset class for a while and that he had been studying it.

He also dismissed speculation that Apple will consider accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment in the future, and Cook said that his decision is personal and has nothing to do with Apple accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment in the future.

His statement comes as the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC)  and Ethereum (ETH) both reached all-time highs on Monday night.

ETH crossed $4,700 for the first time since its inception, BTC surpassed October’s all-time high and is now valued at $68,327.

Even with the backlash the cryptocurrency industry has faced from governments, individuals, and financial institutions, it continues to grow exponentially and edge towards mainstream adoption.

Other individuals who had recognized the potential of the asset class kept embracing and investing in it.

The digital assets have in one way or the other benefited the investors that have recognized their potential and invested in them.

According to a survey conducted by analytics firm Civic science, low-paid Americans in their numbers are quitting their jobs after getting crypto rich.

The survey confirmed that 4% of 6,741 workers aged 18 and above have quit their job over the past 12 months after investing in the asset class and getting crypto rich.

Meanwhile, American multinational investment bank JPMorgan confirmed that institutional investors are now shifting attention to BTC as they now view it as a better hedge against inflation than gold.

Just a few months ago, Apple’s Co-founder Steve Wozniak noted that BTC is a better asset class than gold. He continued and termed the digital asset as a “mathematical miracle.”

However, he noted that he did not invest in BTC but says he believes in it for the future.

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