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Axie Infinity (AXS) Continues Its Surge As Small Love Potion Edges Closer To Its All-time High.

Being the firstborn coin, Bitcoin exerts a measure of dominance over other coins as most times, any sentiment surrounding the king coin. With the introduction of more than 10,000+ coins to the market, there many who dify the king’s orders. One such is Axie Infinity.

While BTC and the crypto market was bearish, Axie Infinity kept breaking its all-time high as continued to surge. The main contributing factor to the current price increase AXS is having is the increase in its users.

Looking at the Google interest chart, it is almost impossible not to notice the spike in AXS this month. With the increase in search entries, the community of the coin is also growing and so is the price.

Based on recent price movement, AXS has been breaking its all-time high every two days. The trend is still in play as it flips its previous ATH of $19.8. As of the time of writing, AXS has a new all-time high of $22.7.

If the 2-days trend continues, we may see the seventy-first coin hit $30 before the week’s end. Following Axie closely is Small Love Potion (SLP). The AXS governed coin SLP paves the way to the concept of Play-to-earn which popularizes the Axie Infinity games among players who are looking to earn some money or participate in DeFi.

SLP has also continually reached new highs for five consecutive days. The current price shows the coin edging closer to breaking its ATH as it fell short by 4%. If the SLP price swing continues, we may see it hit a new all-time high in the next 24 hours.

The crypto market record yet another negative day. It’s almost all red candle party for the coins in the top 100. The top loser in the last 24 hours is SNX. Synthex Network Token lost 10% as it dipped as low as $10.7 during the time under consideration.

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