Announcing The Bitcoin Magazine Halving Party Live Stream, May 12, 2020

Bitcoin Magazine is presenting hours of free, nonstop coverage of Bitcoin’s historic third Halving at with entertaining commentary, educational analysis and more.

Nashville, TN, April 15, 2020Bitcoin Magazine, the original source of news and information about Bitcoin, is putting together a live stream party for Bitcoin’s third-ever block reward halving. This free virtual event will include unique content from prominent Bitcoiners, insightful conversations with some of the leading thinkers in the space and unforgettable entertainment — all during a live countdown to this historic event.

The specific timing of the live stream will coincide with the Halving itself, which is currently estimated to take place on May 12, 2020.

This live stream event is part of the “Make Bitcoin Fun Again” initiative started by Bitcoin Magazine parent company BTC Inc in 2019 and will incorporate some of the prominent voices scheduled to participate in the Bitcoin 2020 conference.

By hosting community connections and technical education in a celebratory atmosphere, Bitcoin Magazine hopes to unite the Bitcoin world around this exciting, quadrennial event! The historic halving also provides a way for the team to make up on the earlier scheduled Bitcoin 2020 conference which was postponed to Q3 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With so many new economic factors swirling around the world today, this Halving couldn’t have come at a more interesting time,” said David Bailey, CEO of BTC Inc. “Even though there were two before, this Halving has the feel of something truly unprecedented.”

So, let’s find out what happens together! Come learn about Bitcoin and celebrate the Halving with us and some of our closest friends (at a safe social distance) as we ring in the new cycle.

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About BTC Inc:

Growing from Bitcoin Magazine as the first information provider in the nascent Bitcoin community into a leading voice for the growing ecosystem, BTC Inc has been ever-present in supporting and evangelizing the decentralized future. Our products, services, and media connect you to the open economy so you can start creating value without asking permission.

We believe that Bitcoin and blockchain technology enable the internet of value — an open, permissionless, ownerless network that will redefine humanity’s most essential financial systems and institutions.

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