Bitcoin Developer Amiti Uttarwar Receives $150K Grant from BitMEX and OKCoin

Cryptocurrency exchange OKCoin and HDR Global Trading Limited, operator of the BitMEX crypto trading platform have shown their immense support for the Bitcoin Protocol by awarding $75,000 each ($150,000) in grant to Bitcoin core developer, Amiti Uttarwar.

Uttarwar, who has been working selflessly in the advancement of the Bitcoin network, would receive the said amount for 12 months, according to an announcement today.

The developer is based in San Francisco and has been part of the crypto community for a long time now. She has worked as a software engineer at Coindesk and also as a developer at Xapo. Uttarwar is currently working independently as a Bitcoin Core developer specifically on the peer-to-peer (P2P) layer.

Her efforts have contributed significantly to the Bitcoin network, especially in the trust model. Her two developments, the pull request #18038 and #16698, have eliminated the problem of leaking sensitive information, which is common in the Bitcoin Core.

During the identification of source wallets of transactions, confidential information is leaked. The information can fall into the wrong hands like spy nodes. So her two projects reduce the frequency at which a wallet node reveals information on transactions and improve the mechanism of the rebroadcast to stop leaking sensitive information. She has also increased the test coverage to ensure an extensive codebase.

Sam Reed, CTO, and co-founder of HDR Global Trading Limited commented saying

“We are particularly impressed by Amiti’s recent work on improving Bitcoin’s privacy, by adjusting how Bitcoin Core rebroadcasts unconfirmed transactions. This unprecedented joint support is a strong signal of the extent to which both HDR and OKCoin are committed to supporting Bitcoin development, to help ensure Bitcoin’s long term success.”

 Hong Fang, CEO of OKCoin, also adds,

” Amiti’s work focuses on critical components of Bitcoin Core, making the codebase more secure for everyone sending transactions and building upon Satoshi’s vision of a secure and private P2P electronic cash system. This is a small but important step to incentivize open-source development and attract more developers into our industry”

Amiti Uttarwar expressed her gratitude and hopes to do better with the grant. She noted that there are only about 40 developers who contribute to the Bitcoin Core full time.  

“Contrast this with the fact that as an industry, we are trying to build a fully functional global currency. We have a long way to go. With this grant, I plan to continue my efforts to make Bitcoin more reliable, private, and understandable,” she added. 

In a similar development, Square Crypto, the bitcoin-focused startup founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, awarded grants to Bitcoin developers, Jon Atack and Tankred Hase.