African Bitcoiner Returns 7.8 BTC ($80k) He Mistakenly Received


In an industry where people lose their crypto-assets for even the most minor lack of security consciousness, an African bitcoin holder, Keith Mali Chung, has reportedly shown remarkable honesty by returning the Bitcoin he mistakenly received.

Keith, known on Twitter as BitcoinKeith first tweeted on September 12 that he had mistakenly received a “huge sum of BTC,” possibly from someone he had transacted with in the past and was willing to return the money.

To ensure that no unscrupulous element would take advantage of the mishap, Keith called on whoever owned the BTC to send him a message with details such as the time of the transaction, the address, and the exact amount of digits they sent.

According to WivaCoin, Keith also went beyond Twitter to other social media communities he belonged to in search of who sent him the huge sum of BTC, only to be greeted with insults and messages asking him to keep the money.

However, Keith who is also an ambassador of the newly launched crypto exchange, Beaxy, said at the point where he was yet to identify the send that instead of keeping the money, he would turn it over the charity or orphanage if no one showed up to claim the BTC.

Interestingly, Keith reported on Twitter on September 13, that has found who owned the Bitcoin, he tweeted,

In Africa, which is where I am situated, 80% we transact cryptos through WhatsApp escrows and someone who himself and I had a business in the past made this huge mistake of sending 7.8BTC into my blockchain wallet. I spread the words round & he reached out.

This story reminds us of why it is important to double check and triple check recipient’s details before making any transaction when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, Coinfomania has reached out to Keith to provide details regarding the transactions and will update this news report upon his response.

Image credit: unsplash

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