Survey: 63% of US Adults Are Interested in Cryptocurrencies


A recent survey conducted by the crypto exchange and custodian Gemini revealed that nearly two-thirds of US adults are interested in cryptocurrencies. 

The survey involved a nationally representative of 3,000 participants. Taking factors like gender, age, income, and location into consideration, the comprehensive report indicated a significant increase and diversification of crypto investors in the United States. 

The report shows that there are 63% of U.S. adults who are crypto curious and just 23%  that is completely disinterested in the asset, a huge gap between the two numbers.

Out of the 63% “crypto curious” individuals, the majority of them are older women, some planning to retire. These crypto-curious people are on the brink of investing.

Women Also Interested in Crypto

Against the unfounded belief that men are more interested in crypto, another aspect of the report revealed the number of women interested in crypto is more than that of men.

Out of the 63% of US adults interested in crypto,  53% of them are women who are curious about investing in the asset class. Among those number of crypto-curious women,  a quarter of them are under the age of 35, and 25% are near retirement at 55 or older.

Crypto Education Needed

As gaining knowledge in any aspect of life is a step to achieving success, comprehending the cryptosystem before investing is also important. That is why 77%, a huge majority of U.S. adults, mentioned they are eager to gain more knowledge about digital assets, whether they already own cryptocurrency or not.

39% of US adults who don’t hold cryptocurrency consider themselves “somewhat or very” knowledgeable about cryptocurrency, while  60% view themselves as “not very” or “not at all” knowledgeable.

Noah Perlman, Chief Operating Officer at Gemini, commented on this saying: “Trading platforms that prioritize security and smart regulation while making it simple for anyone to use, make cryptocurrencies accessible and attractive. We believe digital assets are a strategic part of a well-rounded portfolio and providing crypto education will help remove barriers to entry.”

More People to Invest in Crypto

Results from the survey point to the fact that the number of investors adding cryptocurrency to their portfolio will increase nearly 2x by the coming year. This conclusion was made with 13% of U.S. adults making plans to invest in crypto in the next 12 months.

During the early days of bitcoin, for instance, many people were hesitant to embrace the new innovation different from typical financial protocols. However, the difference between the number of people that hold crypto currently and in the past indicates a promising future for crypto growth.

Old Investors are Getting Interested in Crypto

Lastly, during the surge of the COVID 19 pandemic, reports showed that younger ones are rushing into cryptocurrency, using it as a hedge to inflation. However, according to the Gemini survey, the next wave of crypto buyers are older and have slightly smaller yearly incomes, with an average age of 44 and an average household income of $107,000 a year.

“This new research signals the valuable and welcome diversification of crypto’s investor base. A broader set of participants establishes a positive long-term evolution of the market,” Perlman added.

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