Ethereum Still in Hot Demands as 62.05% of Dev Agencies Are Using Solidity

Recent data suggest that the blockchain developer workforce of dev agencies has become one of the most exciting areas where blockchain-related technology is gaining traction.  As a result of this, more and more developers are getting involved with the blockchain developing workforce yearly.

Interestingly, the most demanded blockchain platform of choice for these developers is the Ethereum network because of its pioneer smart contract language, Solidity, an object-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts.

The Ethereum blockchain has been on hot demands for a while now. Coinfomania reported the high demand for Ethereum by blockchain development agencies, with LinkedIn revealing a growing need for developers who can use Solidity. 

A newly released quarterly report reveals that the rate of blockchain development agencies that are building on Ethereum has surged to 62.05%.


Although Ethereum is a favorite choice for the majority of dev agencies, Stellar also stood out as a favorable public blockchain for devs with  9.04%. Only 4.32% of dev agencies are using other smart contract platforms like Tron, EOS, or NEO combined.  On the private blockchain and distributed ledger category, Hyperledger tops as a favorite with 20.47%, followed by R3’s Corda with 4.11%. 

India has largest blockchain developer workforce

According to the report, India has the largest workforce size of agency blockchain developers, followed by the United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Germany in the top 5.  

workforce size
Blockchain developers working at dev agencies

Despite this, blockchain devs in western countries earn twice as much as Indian’s blockchain developers. For instance, those in Ireland earn an average hourly rate between $83 – $136 while the average hourly rate range between $47 and $75.

The report also reveals the number of developers working on certain services. The services include smart contracts, blockchain development, ICO, wallet development, exchange, and dapp. The percentages of developers working on the listed services are 34.35%, 27.71%, 15.78%, 11.13%, 6.83%, and 3.93 % respectively. 

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