19-year-old British Hacker Elliot Gunton Bags 20-month Jail Term

Elliot Gunton

Nineteen-year-old British man, Elliot Gunton has been sentenced to 20 months in jail today as a punishment for hacking services and unauthorized access to personal data online. He pleaded guilty at an earlier court hearing at Norwich Crown Court, according to the report by the local police.

Gunton who is a resident of Mounteney Close, Norwich mostly supplied the stolen data in exchange for cryptocurrencies worth thousands of Pounds.

The police narrated in court how they seized Gunton’s laptop in April 2018, following a routine visit to his home. The tour was purported to ensure he was adhering to a “Sexual Harm Prevention Order” issued by the court for previous offenses he committed in June 2016.

During the visit, the officers discovered the software which enables him to carry out his cybercrime operations. The information found on his computer revealed that he offered to supply compromised personal data of people to others.

Those data, however, were for criminal reasons, which includes, passing on mobile phone numbers which allow third parties to intercept calls and texts for theft purposes.

More evidence from the police showed that Elliot Gunton made adverts for compromised data and hacking services for $3,000 worth of Bitcoin, rather than fiat currency. He employed this effort to keep the payments anonymous from being drawn to the police.

Although he took several sophisticated techniques to conceal and delete his illicit activities, the police were still able to spot them out. They got their evidence through fragments of criminal conversations with other fellow criminals online, including a chat about officers tracing and seizing £275,000 ($334,317) worth of cryptocurrency under his control.

Elliot Gunton got charged for three offenses; breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, money laundering, and hacking crimes, one of which includes an Australian Instagram account he hacked.

Alongside, the 20-month jail sentence and a three and a half year Community Behaviour Order, he was asked to pay back £407,359 ($495,224). 

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